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    i was wondering if there was any restriction or laws about building a back yard archery range. does anyone here have any experience with that?
  2. Other Weapons
    Anyone here a member of the Double T Archery Club in Amherst, NY? I have been thinking about applying for membership and was wondering what the feel of the place is like. Is it an enjoyable place to shoot? Is the community friendly? Are the grounds nice? And you know the general inside scoop.
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    Bow Show-Off I've searched the forum and have not seen any big archery related threads. I realize this is a "firearm" website, but most people I know that enjoy guns, get a kick out of bows as well. So here we go: Post up a picture or pictures of your bow, quiver, release, sights, etc. that...
  4. Shooting Ranges
    I'm currently a member at Rochester Rifle Club but am looking for a second club where I can shoot rifle/pistol/clay birds. I use to do a lot of archery too, so if that was something that is available that would be great too. I love the Rochester Rifle Club but being the size it is really limits...
  5. Other For Sale
    Martin speed flite Cougar (peak weight 55-65, let off 63%, string length 60, draw length 29) and Bear Whitetail II (draw length 30, 65 pound draw) bows with hard case, bow and arrows. Will swap for ammo, reloading equipment or supplies, lead, or cash....Make me an offer for a face to face deal...
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    It's been over 15 years since I've knocked an arrow on my bow and I would like to get it checked out. And now that Leo's isn't around anymore where are you guys going for service nowadays?
  7. News Feeds
    There is a public hearing for License and Occupancy Permit regarding a proposed shooting range in Depew, NY. The range would have 8 Rifle Lanes, 8 Handgun lanes, Archery 3D and Archery, Retail Shop, Gun Smithing and a Training Room.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) The meeting...
  8. Other Weapons
    I'd like to get back into archery, but I don't have any idea what to buy to start out with. I don't really want a camo bow because I don't do the hunting thing. I just want something I can have fun shooting targets with and maybe do some competitions. Can you guys give me some links of things...
  9. Shooting Ranges
    If a member is GCL wants to shoot archery, is there an additional certification to take or are they able to as long as they've taken the pistol and rifle stuff at the orientation/certification?
  10. Other Weapons
    Friend of mine in the Rochester area looking for a good person to tune up his bow, he has not shot it in years. I have a couple guys in Syracuse who are great, but if I can hook him up with someone in Roch-cha-cha, that would be a bit easier on him. Thanks! Jim
  11. News Feeds
    NRA-ILA: Pennsylvania Game Commission Approves Expanding the Use of Crossbows During Deer and Bear Archery Seasons! Pennsylvania Game Commission Approves Expanding the Use of Crossbows During Deer and Bear Archery Seasons! On Tuesday, January 27, the Pennsylvania Game Commission voted in favor...