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    A few years ago I passed on a gadget called GoPro, so I learned my lesson. Here is a gadget that I had tried to do myself and that was to hook up my desktop PC camera pointed at my safe so that I could dial in while out of town. Never did quite get it right. Here is an internet camera to you...
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    Anyone following the boardwalk blaze in seaside park / heights NJ ? They just invested so much into rebuilding it from sandy and now this. Seaside heights had been like a second home for me since I was born. Just horrible ....
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    False alarm triggers Saint Rose lockdown - Times Union
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    Bacon Alarm Clock - I bet Smurfette has one of these already!
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    Hello Everyone :) A recent popular thread here has made me start thinking about a home security system again (and yes, I have good renters insurance with a low deductible). After a few google searches and calls to both ADT & Time Warner Security to inquire about their respective packages I've...
1-5 of 5 Results