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    Anti-Hunting Bill Advancing in North Carolina
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    Bill to Outlaw Gun Shows Advancing in California Yesterday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed Senate Bill 585 by a 4-3 vote. The bill now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
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    California Anti-Gun Bills Advancing in Sacramento On June 3, the Assembly passed Assembly Bill 962 by a 42-31 vote. AB962 now heads to the Senate where it has been assigned to the Senate Public Safety Committee.
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    Two Important Pro-Gun Bills Advancing in Arizona! Thanks to all of your emails, phone calls, and presence at the hearing on Monday, Senate Bill 1113 and Senate Bill 1243 were passed with NRA-backed amendments by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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    "No-Net-Loss" Advancing in Connecticut! On Thursday, May 21, House Bill 5875, a bill including a "no-net-loss" amendment, passed the Connecticut House by a vote of 109-31-11. The bill now heads to the State Senate for consideration.
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    Apprentice Hunting Bill Advancing in Nevada! Last Friday, the Nevada House passed Assembly Bill 246 by a 38-2 vote. The bill now heads to the Senate where it is scheduled to be considered by the Senate Natural Resources Committee tomorrow.
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    Range Protection Bill Advancing in Nebraska! Today, Legislative Bill 503 passed out of General File by a vote of 42-2. LB503 now moves to Select File.
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    Nebraska: Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Advancing in Lincoln!
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    Restaurant Carry Bill Advancing in New Mexico! Yesterday, Monday, March 9, the Senate Judiciary Committee narrowly approved Senate Bill 608 by a 5-4 vote.
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    Several Pro-Gun, Pro-Hunting Measures Advancing in Alabama! Four pro-gun, pro-hunting bills are currently making their way through the Alabama Legislature.
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    Two Virginia Pro-Gun Bills Advancing in Richmond! Two important pro-gun initiatives are currently making their way through the Virginia General Assembly.
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    Three Pro-Gun Bills Advancing in the Virginia General Assembly!
1-12 of 12 Results