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    Paul Harvey's warning to America - YouTube and
  2. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I read today that there are 100 million gun owners in the US, but only 5 million NRA members. Even if there are another 5 million (a huge stretch) that belong to other pro-2A organizations, how can only 10% MAX be interested in helping to defend the 2nd Amendment?
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    Gun rights advocates swamp Capitol - Times Union
  4. Rifles
    I would like to ask for some advice on a good accurate 223 bolt action rifle. I would like a black synthetic stock, with a scope or pre drilled for a scope, have a removable sling mount for putting a bipod on. I shoot from 100 to 300 yds at our local sportsman's club. What are your...
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    2012 Psychic Predicions 1980.wmv - YouTube I found this video to actually be kinda creepy.
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    If you were looking for a long range rifle platform which would you choose a a base. Would a Bolt Action Rifle Be Inherently More Accurate Than Semi Auto? If either is more accurate than the other why is that? I am looking to purchase a decently priced .308 and I am working in which direction...
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    :cool:Hi, I'm looking for opinions on accurate 22 rifles that fit on a average budget. Any suggestions, without having to create a 'racegun'? thanks
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    Stag Arms is quickly becoming widely known as a great manufacturer of reasonably priced, quality AR-15 rifles. They are also very well known for making left-handed models of their AR-15's. When I heard they were going to be releasing a Gas Piston rifle, I needed to get my hands on one to review...