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  1. Gun.Deals
    Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD 308 Win. - $459.99 shipped after $40 MIR
  2. Rifles
    Just a quick question to see if anybody knows of a NY dealer that has a Rem 700 SPS .308 AAC-SD in stock, by the look of online results, you would think they don't exist :err:. Local Gander didn't have one so i'm reaching out desperately before i just go buy a regular SPS or an ADL. Lemme know...
  3. Rifles
    I am in search of a stock for this rifle that isn't so heavy that I would hate carrying it out hunting but also prime for prone and bench rest shooting. McMillan is out of the question due to pricing. I would like to stick to the $300 and under range or as close to $300 as possible. I also need...
  4. Rifles
    Just got everything put together and decided to post some quick pictures... Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308, 1 in 10 Twist, Threaded barrel Weaver 20MOA Scope Base Millet 30mm Rings Millet 4-16x50 TRS-1 Scope Still have to boresight it and get some rounds through it. Planning on...
  5. Rifles
    I will be using this rifle for mostly bench shooting and was just curious if a brake would help with muzzle jump and possibly help to get better and more consistent groups? I would remove it for deer hunting. Also, what would be a good choice/model brake at a reasonable price as I'm on a fixed...
  6. Rifles
    This is a new gun with 20 rnds. of Winchester 150 grn. Power Points, and 18 rnds. of Hornady 168gn. A-Max over 42 grns.of Varget so 38 rounds total. I'm using a Nikon Monarch 4x16x40 with a set of DNZ Game Reaper ring/base combo. I fired the 18 reloads the next day after another good bore...
  7. Rifles
    I am posting this for those considering a nice .308win bolt rifle. Last spring day and I headed for the range with some handloads I prepared the previous night. Also I have been working in the stock and bedding of the Remington 700 SPS TAC rifle and wanted to test if the added rigidity made a...
  8. Rifles
    Hello all. Does anyone know where to get a Remington MODEL 700 SPS TACTICAL AAC-SD in or near Orange County? thanks
1-8 of 8 Results