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  1. General Firearms
    Anyone know if this one is worth the ride? Clarence Gun Show - Gun Show Trader
  2. CameralandNY
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 8th for Vortex Sports Optics We have some wonderful prizes set for October: The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 Spotting Scope We will have two 2nd place winners each receiving a Vortex Viper HD 10x42 Binocular...
  3. Events
    anyone going? ive been invited to speak, and there will be NYS Assemblyman McLaughlin also there along with a number of other great speakers. Hope you guys make it out. Should be a great event.
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons!/events/322019537929720/?notif_t=plan_edited LOCATION: Patriot's Corner, Intersection of Jericho Turnpike & Willis Avenue, Mineola, NY MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Mineola - Saturday DATE: Saturday, June 8, 2013 TIME: 12:00 PM to...
  5. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    I was asked to speak at the small rally on the 8th in Albany by the event organizers, so here is a short clip. They wanted a different view/perspective of the un-SAFE Act, so I came at it from a slightly different angle than simply the standard 2A as a Right, anti-tyrannical tool perspective...
  6. Firearms in the News
    courtesy of Jim Meineker...
  7. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Anyone have pics?
  8. Firearms in the News
    Buzz on the FB is that Feb. 8th is pretty much DOA. NYSRPA, SCOPE, Guns Across America - NY are all on the 28th. There's a question as to whether or not the 8th is legitimate and whether not permits and sanitation have been attained. FYI The 28th looks like the better option.
  9. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Nationwide 2nd amendment peaceful demonstration...The goal is 1 million people across all 50 states. This rally is going to be JUST AS BIG. Hopefully...say it with me...BIGGER!!! Keep up the fight everyone! Where: State Capitol Building When: Friday February 8, 2013 @ 10:00am Why: Stand up for...
  10. Firearms in the News
  11. Events
    Anyone going to the Middletown show next weekend?
  12. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    November 8th is election day. Mostly Judges and local officials. Here is Erie County we are replacing the County Clerk Chris Jacobs is a shooter and pro gun rights. His opponent is a Liberals Liberal. Anyone on this forum that does not do his/her homework and vote on Nov 8, shame on you. If...
  13. VRI Tactical
    VRI Tactical will be attending this show. Stop over and say hello.
  14. News Feeds
    COBIS 8th Anniversary March is the 8th anniversary of COBIS. The results: 226,211 shell cases collected Tens of millions of dollars spent Not a single crime solved because of it The solution should be obvious. Let's expand it! See A-2882/S-627, A-2914, A-3477/S-1188, A-4618, A-5695...
1-16 of 16 Results