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  1. Shotguns
    Anyone know if a Hogue stock for a Mossberg will fit a Stevens ?? Any suggestions ?? I would like info on a synthetic or rubber overmold type stock for a Model 67E......Thanks folks...!
  2. Shotguns
    I just picked up a very nice model 67E for a good price. I did a search on Google and found out it is just a basic shotgun. The gun has be restored and I would say close to excellent condition. Came with a case, a nice padded leather sling, scope and mounts which I paid $175. The guy blued the...
  3. Shotguns
    wondering if anyone could give me a rough value on this, ': stevens/savage arms model 67 series E 12 gauge, 2 3/4 and 3" smooth bore unvented 27" barrel. its in good-excellent condition with just a small scratch in the stock. realy just looking for the value currently as im thinking of trading/...
1-3 of 3 Results