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  1. Pistol Permits
    It only holds 7 rounds so it is still legal to buy without any issues!!! I am grabbing one in a couple weeks along with a couple parts kits.
  2. Handguns
    Sure seems like a large cartridge for a handgun, but im kinda drawn to an all black gun with a big boom. I guess what im asking is anyone have the opportunity to shoot one? is it something you can shoot 50 rounds with and not have a broken wrist the next day type gun? or is it really just a...
  3. Handguns
    I was able to shoot one while on vacation in North Carolina, they had a rental in the range I went to for just 15 bucks (ammo separately of course) I have to say that thing is a 1000 dollar novelty, it is very cumbersome, heavy of course, the recoil makes more then 1 decent follow up shot per...
  4. Handguns
    So, I have a friend who bought a DE back somewhere in the 90-92 era (not sure what year). Says he put to mags worth of ammo thru it, and it's sat in a box at his mother's house. He obviously mentioned this as a potential sale as I was talking about owning one some day. Very stand up guy...