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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Curious how much the price was in local stores(LGS, Walmart, Dicks, Gander, etc) and the best deals online were? Best gunshow prices were? Per box or Per 500 or Per 1000 Whatever it was that you remember or purchased. What was the I have to have it right now price, and the normal price...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy - The Washington Post "The White House systematically delayed enacting a series of rules on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming points of contention before the 2012 election...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    So I am kinda sure this goes here, hopefully it hasn't been posted before, I searched a bit but didn't find it. (ps if it doesn't start from the beginning then just move the slider to the start, sorry) It is a long video, 25 minutes or so, but really worth watching, particularly the last...
  4. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
    Gun Control - Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned. - YouTube The Australian Government can't figure out how to "define Home invasion" REALLY ????? Armed robbery up 69% ~~~~ in a gun free country assault w/gun up 28%~~~~in a gun free country Gun Murders up 19% ~~~~in a gun free country...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    A friend of mine has a 2012 toyota Rav 4 and whenever he locks or unlocks his doors his car makes the beep sounds. Does anyone know how to diable that? He isn't looking to take it to the dealer but trying to find out if there is a combination of things that need to be done to disable it. For...
  6. Firearms in the News
    I try to be all about being fair, no one is above the law, I am strongly against police brutality but recognize that they have a very tough job to get done so sometimes what others call brutality is simply necessity. All that being said, IMO this video shows they handled the situation correctly...
  7. Other For Sale
    looking to sell my 2012 pse bowmadness. Its all ready to go with a whisker biscuit, quiver and pse sight with a light. bow is mint. looking for 500 obo. only trade for bolt guns, semi's, in .308, .300, .7mm message me or email [email protected]
  8. Firearms in the News
    More wierdness uploads of tributes to victims on vimeo show the pictures and /or video uploaded to the site in November, 1 month before the event. 1/8/2013 -- Sandy Hook School Shooting Tribute Vid -- UPLOADED 1 MONTH BEFORE ! - YouTube
  9. The AR-15
    2012 was my first full year in the AR game. Build my first rifle in February and haven't stopped. I have built over 20 AR's this year for friends, family and of course myself. I love the hobby and am optimistic things will work out on the political front. I started "collecting" preban magazines...
  10. CameralandNY
    Zeiss Conquest Riflescope Sale + More Zeiss has the following rebates thru the end of 2012: Conquest Riflescopes with Rapid-Z Reticles - $100.00 Victory Diascope Spotters - $500.00 Victory RF Rangefinding Binoculars - $300.00 Victory 8x26 PRF Rangefinder - $50.00 Conquest HD 8x42 & 10x42...
  11. Announcements and Site Help
    We still have these shirts available for sale. It was brought to my attention that many people never saw them because it was buried in another thread. Firearms Appreciation Month 2012 T-Shirt | NY Firearms
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Ok...ive had a Kurig....NEVER made a single good cup of coffee...always it was black, tasted like plastic, and overall beyond crappy to say the least. I had it "repaired" with new parts...still never worked. The wife had one...made like 6 good cups and then had the same fate as my brand new...
  13. Technotic Media
    You've all been waiting for this moment. The moment where I've announced the 3rd annual Black Friday Sale!!!! Use coupon code BFMFERS12 and get 40% off your order. Also spend $50* and we'll include a keychain. Spend $100* and we'll include a T-Shirt. Join us on Facebook for our 10,000 like...
  14. Gun.Deals
    List of Cabela's 2012 ONLINE Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Cabela's Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and In Store Deals
  15. Gun.Deals
    Dunham's Sports Black Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and Deals
  16. Gun.Deals
    Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and Deals Part 1 Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and Deals Part 2 Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan with Firearm related pages only
1-16 of 92 Results