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  1. Pistol Permits
    Anyone recently receive a letter for interview? I read somewhere you had 5 days to respond after the letter was sent from 1PP? What if I didn't get it? I called for an update but they can only give me the investigators name
  2. Pistol Permits
    That was easy enough. Met with Officer E, anwered a few questions, handed in my paperwork, I was done in 15 minutes. I also asked if I could shoot in Nassau County if I had a HAC and she said yes! Awesome, not all I gotta do is wait. She said it should take a couple of months. Lets hope so!
  3. Pistol Permits
    I'm trying to figure out if I can pick up license and do inspection on same day. Does anyone know what times they do inspections at 1PP? I have to try and pick up my license and then shoot over to Woodhaven then back to 1PP. Bad thing is Woodhaven doesn't open until 1PM.
  4. Pistol Permits
    Well just got back from 1PP, and I would have to say it was 100 times easier then shotgun/rifle. First off I recommend going on a Monday night. This place was dead, I stepped into the office and waited for like 5 min untill a gentleman came up from the back. Told him what I was applying for and...
  5. Pistol Permits
    What’s up everybody, stopped by 1PP today 8/29/2012 to submit my app for the premises permit and hoping everything goes well? The only concern I have is a Non-Traffic Citation I got in Pennsylvania back in 2005 for something stupid I did which was me trying to sneak into Dorney Park. The officer...
1-5 of 5 Results