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  1. Firearms For Sale
    Decided to sell my Winchester 1300 12G Turkey Edition. Its like brand new, maybe have one box of shells fired from it thats all. Comes with a sling. Very nice shotgun for someone who turkey hunts, i dont haha. Price is $350 Call 585-261-1723 if you have any further questions or ask here. Thanks...
  2. Shotguns
    Hello, I know the Pardner Pump 12g is a pretty popular gun but I can't seem to find a top rail that fits. I was wonder if anyone here has any personal experience with a top mount saddle picatinny rail for the Pardner Pump 12g that actually fits. I've tried a few made for the Rem 870 by Sun...
  3. Accessories and Gear For Sale
    Hi, I'd like to sell some reloading stuff I don't need. 1- Mec Super Sizer SS77 for 10 gauge _ $80 CASH SOLD1-base with a Herters case trimmer, Power Measure and primer pocket cleaner _ $70 SOLD I'm in Washingtonville, NY10992 If interested call me @ 845 614 5785
  4. Shotguns
    Got it online, picked it up today. Been looking for one of these and finally found it online. $225 + $7 shipping. Mossberg Maverick 88 Security, 7+1 20" barrel 12G Cleaned all the oil off and put it back together, cycles nicely. Now i need to find some place to test it out and 'break it in' :)
  5. Vendors
    I have a customer return for sale. A CZ-USA CZ912 12g semi auto shotgun. 28" chrome lines vent barrel. Comes with Multi Chokes. 3" chamber, Turkish Walnut stock. Gun is in excellent condition. $400
  6. Shotguns
    Find of mine purchased an older ithaca 12g shotgun for like 50 bucks but the barrel is bent and is having trouble finding a new barrel. Any help would be awesome.
  7. Shotguns
    had a friend offer to trade towards an rifle i have (10/22) wood is old and looks decent or better metal is nice and engraving is still visible im not into black powder shotguns, nor an antique firearm fan, so im just interested in its trade value or average price for one ill see if i can...
1-7 of 7 Results