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  1. General Firearms
    Gun Cleaning 101 - Home Defense Gun
  2. Ammunition and Reloading
    Hi guys I have been reloading for about 35 years and I have reloaded shotgun, pistol and rifle rounds. I have used a single stage press as well as a progressive but first I want to talk about the Lee loader. The lee loader is a hand tool to reload almost any caliber from shotshells and pistols...
  3. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
  4. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Who on NYF is going to the class?
  5. Long Range Precision Shooting
    Long Gun Training has added an additional date for PR 101 June 8-9 location: Van Etten NY. Visit the web site and check the calendar page for full schedule of dates and locations.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I think this explains it:
  7. Firearms in the News
    Don't know if this is the correct place to put this. This video makes me very sad. And scared. Gun Confiscation Course 101 - YouTube
  8. Preparedness
    Here is a little video I did to begin to educate people on the technology the military uses to "see" targets, thermal imaging. It is used in all of the branches and is the drones primary set of eyes. File the information away and I hope we never need it. I will be doing a follow up on tactics...
  9. Ammunition and Reloading
    Was hoping to see a sticky in the reloading section! Since there is not, I'll make this thread. So what's the difficulty level associated with reloading ? I have not checked into it yet, I figured I would visit NYFirearms and see what the reloading section had going on, and take their...
  10. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
    So im from VA originally and I would like to get into trapping maybe next year or so... Buuuuuuut.. I know nothing really about it.. Is there anyone that is willing to show a young Buck a little something??? Sure I could watch Youtube, and hit up forums on how 2's but nothing beats good old...
  11. Laws and Politics - Firearms/Self Defense/Weapons
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    101 Strangest Laws From Around The World Some of favorite American ones... - In Arizona, hunting camels is against the law. - In Florida having sexual intercourse with a porcupine is illegal. - In Kingsville, Texas, it is illegal for pigs to have sexual intercourse on airport property. -...
  13. Handguns
    I picked this up recently... My understanding is that it was produced for the NYPD as a back-up weapon. Supposedly there is only about 3000 or so made. I LOVE this Revolver...!
  14. Rochester Personal Defense, LLC
    If you're looking for a reason to take the day off, this might be it! ------------MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2010------------------ Dave Jenkins and the instructors of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC have developed the Defensive Pistol Skills Class 101 to introduce you to the idea of carrying your...
  15. Training
    Dave and the instructors of Rochester Personal Defense have taken the Defensive Firearms Skills Classes 1 and 2 and combined them into Defensive Pistol Skills 101 In this class, you will learn about * Firearm safety * Legalities and justification in self defense (Article 35) * Deescalation and...
1-15 of 16 Results