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  1. Rifles
    I was one of the luckier ones, when I got my WASR, everything was in perfect condition, I had none of the common issues. Now, I'm looking for a side project to keep my busy this winter so I'm curious if theres any improvements people know of I can do to this thing to make it more "solid"...
  2. Rifles
    So I've had my WASR for around 4 years now, and every since I started noticing this issue its boggled meh brain.. So here is the deal... When i rack the gun slowly in a non-russian manner it basically has a bolt hold oPen like an AR when i release it. The bottom of the carrier is rubbing on the...
  3. Rifles
    Hey all I have a question that hopefully someone here may be able to answer. I have a WASR 10/63 in a ... Single Stack Mag.....:( . I was wondering if it is legal to convert it to accept larger magazines? I have a few 10rnd mags buttt they go dry way to fast and its just -MEGA SAD FACE- I...
  4. Rifles
    just Tapco'd out my 10/63, everything fits nice and tight. What an improvement over the stock grip! Check it out * Edit : FYI - the stock is pinned
  5. General Firearms
    Let me tell you, This thing is mint - perfectly aligned sights and gas tube, mags come in and out and fit like they were meant for each other with no wobble. Action is smooth as butter, and the Tapco trigger is very light. I can't wait to get out and shoot this thing. There were a few to...
  6. Rifles
    I know that I have read a few things about these guns but, being technically challenged I cannot find any old threads. I saw a few videos of the good and bad aspects of this gun vs the Arsenal brand. I guess checking how the clip fits and if the front sight isn't FUBAR it could be a good gun. I...
1-6 of 6 Results