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  1. DIY Projects and Builds
    Here is where to pin your HK91 mags to make them 10 rounders. Just use a 4mm punch through the aluminum and install the rivet to size. bam. 10/20 magazine and its clearly been modified to a legal capacity. Easily shown to LE. maybe we can have a "how to" magazine resource for modifying our...
  2. Catskill Mountains Firearms
    Come see us at Rock Hill. We have 5 tables and have our collectable knife guy there with us with several hundred knives most locally made. We will have more than 60 rifles and shotguns and around 100 handguns there!! 9mm & 40 ammo too!! Come say hi!!! Big Al's Gun Shows - New York -...
  3. MidwestPX
    I'm getting a shipment of black 20rd PMAGs on Monday and have opened pre-orders for 10/20s which can be ordered here. It's a relatively small order and I also have dealer/wholesale orders to fill so please get your orders in soon if you want them! :)
1-3 of 3 Results