NYS Counties against the NY SAFE Act

If you haven’t been following http://www.nysaferesolutions.com/ you may not know that most of the counties in NYS have approved resolutions speaking out AGAINST the NY SAFE Act.  There are very few counties left where a resolution hasn’t been at least proposed.  Unexpectedly most of them are in the NYC area.  Even Albany county has a resolution proposed.  If your county is in the “proposed” category make sure you show up to any meetings and advocate for it!  These resolutions hold no legal sway (even if every county in NYS were to speak out against the SAFE Act it wouldn’t actually change anything immediately).  However, with so many counties speaking against it, it just goes to show how very little our legislators are actually listening to their constituents.  If they had been, this act would have never passed.


Resolutions Opposing the NY SAFE Act

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