NRA 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits


In just a few short weeks it is that time of year again for the annual NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits (NRAAM). This year NRAAM takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Staff from will be in attendance and looking forward to bringing you updated coverage of the events and vendors.

We also hope to speak with vendors to talk about their future in NY with the SafeAct, and also how the past year has affected their sales within NYS itself.

If there is anything specific you want to hear about or questions to ask when there (and that we have access to) please let us know! Stay tuned and we hope to see you there!

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SHOT Show 2013

It’s once again that time of year where the firearms industry travels to Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade (SHOT) Show. We will be attending once again and hope to provide some updated coverage for those of you back home. We will be visiting some booths and asking what they think about the NY SAFE ACT and how it will impact their ability to sell in NY. We also hope to visit NY-based manufacturing companies like ATI, Remington, Allstar Tactical, and more.

Stay tuned as we add some great content!

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2013 NEShooters Summit

Once again, NYFirearms will be sponsoring the NEShooters Summit training event held at Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH. This is the 6th annual Summit Meeting and it will be held on April 26, 27, and 28th of this year. The focus this year will be on solutions for dealing with difficult situations. The summit will last for two and a half days and will allow the participants to meet with and learn from the training industry’s leading experts. This is absolutely one of the best values for training this year.

This year’s scheduled instructors include Craig Douglas aka SouthNarc, Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training, Cecil Burch, Chris Fry of MDTS Training, Dave Harrington, Wes Doss of Khyber Training, Kelly Venden, Bill Lewitt, and our own Mike Centola.

Additionally, there will be a Man-on-Man shoot-off with prize money and a raffle.

The cost to attend the summit is only $300, however, members of will be able to attend for just $275! Advance sign-up is required by all.

NEShooters Summit 2013 Flyer

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NY Counties against the SAFE Act – Updated

Below you’ll find an updated image of counties that have passed resolutions against the NY SAFE Act and those that are pending.  As you can see a very LARGE majority of the state has spoken out against the SAFE act.


NY SAFE Act opposition map

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Monroe County needs your help!

Are you a Monroe County resident?  Do you know that on March 12, 2013 at 6pm the legislature is supposed to decide whether or not they want to officially oppose the SAFE Act.  Did you also know that unlike every other county out there they don’t plan on actually voting on it.  There is just going to be a place for the legislators to sign to symbolically do this.  The Republicans in the county are too afraid to actually step up and stand for whats right!!

“We need to have 50-100 people sign up to speak in favor of a vote against SAFE, keep them there all night listening to us. Maybe then they will get the message and actually take a stand.

You can call 585-753-1950 to sign up to speak at the public forum before the legislature meeting. You’ll have two minutes to speak and all you have to do is urge them to have that vote.”

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NYS Counties against the NY SAFE Act

If you haven’t been following you may not know that most of the counties in NYS have approved resolutions speaking out AGAINST the NY SAFE Act.  There are very few counties left where a resolution hasn’t been at least proposed.  Unexpectedly most of them are in the NYC area.  Even Albany county has a resolution proposed.  If your county is in the “proposed” category make sure you show up to any meetings and advocate for it!  These resolutions hold no legal sway (even if every county in NYS were to speak out against the SAFE Act it wouldn’t actually change anything immediately).  However, with so many counties speaking against it, it just goes to show how very little our legislators are actually listening to their constituents.  If they had been, this act would have never passed.


Resolutions Opposing the NY SAFE Act

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31 Crimes That Are Considered *Better* Than Having More Than 7 Rounds

As with the current NY SAFE Act, having more than 7 rounds of ammo in your magazine is defined as criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a Class D Violent Felony. A felony is defined as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. We consider these crimes below to be WORSE than having more than 7 rounds, however, New York State disagrees. These crimes below are lesser crimes than possessing more than 7 rounds of ammunition.

120.70 – Luring a child | E Felony
121.11 – Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation | A Misdemeanor
125.10 – Criminally negligent homicide | E Felony
130.20 – Sexual misconduct | A Misdemeanor
130.25 – Rape 3rd degree | E Felony
130.40 – Criminal sexual act 3rd degree | E Felony
130.52 – Forcible touching | A Misdemeanor
130.53 – Persistent sexual abuse | E Felony (repeat child molester, must be caught and convicted in two separate cases before the charges even reach this level)
130.65A – Aggravated sexual abuse 4th degree | E Felony
130.85 – Female genital mutilation | E Felony
135.05 – Unlawful imprisonment 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
135.10 – Unlawful imprisonment 1st degree | E Felony
135.45 – Custodial interference 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
135.50 – Custodial interference 1st degree | E Felony
135.55 – Substitution of children | E Felony (switched at birth type of thing)
135.60 – Coercion 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
150.01 – 5th degree Arson | A Misdemeanor
150.05 – 4th degree Arson | E Felony
178.10 – 4th degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | A Misdemeanor
178.15 – 3rd degree Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions | E Felony
220.28 – Use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense | E Felony
240.05 – Riot 2nd degree | A Misdemeanor
240.06 – Riot 1st degree | E Felony
240.08 – Inciting to riot | A Misdemeanor 240.10 – Unlawful assembly | B Misdemeanor
240.15 – Criminal anarchy | E Felony
240.20 – Disorderly conduct | Violation
240.61 – Placing a false bomb or hazardous substance 2nd degree | E Felony
250.45 – Unlawful surveillance 2nd degree | E felony (Hidden cams for sexual gratification)
255.25 – Incest 3rd degree | E Felony
263.11 – Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child | E Felony
263.16 – Possessing a sexual performance by a child | E Felony

Something to think about….

Andrew Cuomo NY SAFE Act


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Western NY lawsuit over the NY SAFE Act

Dywinski v. State Of New York was filed in in the NYS Supreme Court in Buffalo, NY.  Follow the legal battle on our forums!

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Allstar Tactical Announces Official Position On NY SAFE Act

Allstar Tactical, one of our website sponsors, has posted a press release, announcing it’s position on the NY SAFE Act. Head over to their website and check it out: Our Official Position On The Attacks On Our Freedoms

Allstar Tactical Press Release

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Obama’s 23 Executive Actions Towards Guns

Breaking News. President Obama formally proposed the most expansive gun-control policies yet, and initiated 23 separate executive actions.

  • Require Background Checks on All Gun Sales
  • Address unnecessary legal barriers in health laws that prevent some states from making information available about those prohibited from having guns
  • Ensuring federal agencies share relevant information with the system.
  • Directing the Attorney General to work with other agencies to review our laws to make sure they are effective at identifying the dangerous or untrustworthy individuals that should not have access to guns.
  • Get Military-style Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines off the streets
  • Protect Police by getting rid of armor-piercing bullets
  • $4 Billion proposal to help communities to keep 15,000 cops on the street
  • Call for Congress to pass new gun trafficking laws, which will impose serious penalties on those who help get guns into the hands of criminals.
  • Take executive action to enhance gun tracing data by requiring federal law enforcement to trace all recovered guns.
  • Propose regulations that will enable law enforcement to run complete background checks before returning seized firearms
  • Provide effective training for state and local law enforcement, first responders, and school officials on how to handle active shooter situations.
  • End the freeze on gun violence research, investigate the causes and prevention of violence, and explore the impact of violent media images and video games
  • Preserve the rights of doctors to protect their patients and communities from gun violence
  • Encourage gun owners to live up to their responsibility to store guns safely
  • Give Local Communities the opportunity to hire up to 1,000 school resource officers and school counselors
  • Ensure every school has a comprehensive emergency management plan
  • Provide “Mental Health First Aid” training to help teachers and staff recognize signs of mental illness in young people and refer them to treatment.
  • Support young adults ages 16 to 25, who have the highest rates of mental illness but are the least likely to seek help, by giving incentives to help states develop innovated approaches.
  • Help break the cycle of violence in schools facing pervasive violence with a new, targeted initiative to provide their students with needed services like counseling.
  • Train 5,000 more social workers, counselors, and psychologists, with a focus on those serving students and young adults.
  • Finalizing regulations to require insurance plans to cover mental health benefits like medical and surgical benefits
  • Ensuring Medicaid is meeting its obligation to cover mental heath equally.

You can download the PDF here: Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions.

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NYFirearms has received information that Sen. Dean Skelos intends to capitulate to Gov. Cuomo’s anti-gun agenda and proposed legislation. This may happen as soon as Monday 1/14 in a rushed attempt to get this legislation passed prior to any  pro second amendment opposition. NYFirearms encourages all of it’s supporters to not take this issue lightly, do not put it off or give in. Fax or email Sen. Skelos office tonight AND call tomorrow morning to voice your opposition to ANY capitulation to this Gov. Cuomo’s legislation.

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SHOT Show 2013 Coverage Begins Next Week!!!

SHOT Show 2013

Once again we’ll be attending media day and walking the show next week for SHOT Show 2013!! Stay tuned as we provide coverage from Las Vegas for this year’s largest firearms show in the country!

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ACTION NEEDED NOW! Please contact state representatives

If you are not already aware, the Governor proposed a seven point plan for fighting gun violence at his State of the State address this week, many of which affect law abiding gun owners. His plan includes further restricting “assault weapons”, further restricting “high capacity” magazines, elimination of online ammunition sales to NY residents, background checks for all private sales and a state NICS check on all ammunition purchases.

Please take a few moments to write and, more importantly, CALL your state representatives as well as their leadership.

Some points to make:
• No new firearm restrictions
• No new magazine restrictions
• No new restrictions on the sale or purchase of ammunition
• No new registration of firearms

Who to contact:

Most importantly, please contact Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos – Office phone: (518) 455-3171, email: , website:

Also contact;

Your own state senator who can be found here:

Gov. Cuomo at Office phone: (518) 474-8390, website:…ontactForm.php

Senate Co Leader Jeffrey Klein at Office Phone: (518)-455-3595, email: website:

Thank you for your time,
Jeff and the team

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The following message was sent out by SCOPE.  Please contact your representatives.


SCOPE is sending this Alert to put all firearm owners on notice that the time to act is now.  New York State has positioned itself to pass the most draconian gun laws in the nation.  Governor Cuomo is pressing hard to push these bills through. Without a majority in the State Senate to block these measures; their passage is a very real possibility.
We are asking all members to forward all SCOPE communications to concerned citizens on their contact lists and ask them to contact their legislators.  Time is short and the consequences of inaction are unacceptable.
These bills, with the Governor pushing for confiscation or a permit system for Modern Sporting Rifles, represent the biggest threats we have faced since 1968.  You cannot relax if you do not own one of these rifles because they will divide and separate.  Your firearms are next of their list if they succeed here.
SCOPE’S leadership, while representing thousands of firearm owners through individual memberships and clubs, cannot fight this battle alone.  This is your call to action.  Your participation is no guarantee that we will win this important fight to protect your Constitutional rights but we can say with certainty that anything short of overwhelming our legislators with calls, emails and letters we have virtually no chance.  Truth is the only thing that really motivates most legislators is their next election and by contacting your legislators and letting them know that your vote depends on their support is crucial.
We are doing everything within our power to defend your rights, but remember we are an all-volunteer group and we need you to join us in these efforts.

Here is the ACTION PLAN

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America Has An Asshole Problem.

As this wild year and even wilder week begins to come to a close, I finally felt compelled to write a bit about what has transpired. First off, I am proud to the core of my bones to be an American. I have served and defended this country in one capacity or another for the last 20 years, and will continue to do so as long as I am able. But let’s be honest…

America has an asshole problem.

Blame has swirled for the past week over Connecticut, mass shootings and probably the cause of pinkeye. But few if any choose to assign it where it lays most. In the hands and mind of the now deceased assailant. This is not to oversimplify, but if we held people responsible for their actions, prison sentences, incompetency hearings and intervention would have a greater level of import. But of course nothing is anybody’s fault anymore. Especially when you rob liquor stores since your daddy wouldn’t let you play soccer.

America, you see, has an asshole problem.

During the Watergate investigation of the early 70’s, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee forced his reporters to independently corroborate every nugget of information they had (at times thrice) before he would run it. These days are gone. In the rush to be first in the news cycle, any network will run anything heard from anyone to sell airtime or an online banner. In the pre-OJ days, news was 90% info and 10% editorial. Now we are subjected to agenda-driven vitriol masquerading as news by the Matthews, the Hannitty’s, the Maddow’s, the O’Reilly’s et alia. Accuracy is not issue (even if you’re moderating a presidential debate). Somewhere it became OK for a reporter to shove a microphone in the face of a six-year-old minutes after a shooting. Of course there’s no shortage of sycophantic honey-boo-boo parents who allow (or even encourage) this to happen.

America, you see, has an asshole problem.

When you obsess over irrelevant details nobody gives a shit and you will never get your point across. If you argue the existence of the bible with an atheist by quoting scripture, trust me he will laugh in your face. So, for you “gun rights” folks, stop saying that an AR15 isn’t an “assault rifle.” It’s semantics and you sound stupid. To a non-gun owner, it’s black and looks the same. It was made by the same company, in the same factory, takes the same accessories, runs on the same ammo, and performs the same ballistically as it’s M4 brother. For you “anti-firearm” folks, if an assault is committed with a baseball bat, that makes it an “assault weapon.” Assault or military style weapons are efficient, effective killing tools. Good for taking lives. And if those lives happen to be criminals in the act of perpetrating violence against the law-abiding citizens of the US defending themselves or loved ones, I can’t imagine anyone being against it. To ask the question “why would anyone want or need a gun?” we can draw several conclusions: 1. You have never been a victim of crime, 2. Like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand you believe in the innate good nature of all people and an oversimplification of the hunter/victim relationship, 3. Like those who rely on the state for most, all or a growing number of necessities in life, you believe that someone else will intervene to save you… (Katrina anyone?)
And what of law enforcement? Ask a cop if he carries off duty. He’ll look at you and laugh… of course he does. Ask him if he keeps a weapon in the home. Of course he does. Why? Does he have no faith in his on-duty brothers to keep the peace and protect he and his family? The reality is that nobody has a greater grasp of the response time, capabilities and limitations of law enforcement, than cops themselves. So they carry.

During the Los Angeles riots post Rodney King verdict, Korean store owners kept looters and criminals bearing Molotov cocktails at bay from the roofs of their businesses while overwhelmed law enforcement were powerless to respond. Americans taking responsibility for their own safety and livelihood.
Stop talking about hunting, this is not a discussion regarding deer.

America, you see, has an asshole problem.

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